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John T. Maltsberger passed away 4th October 2016.
Dr. Maltsberger was an early and active member of AFSP and a charter member of the Aeschi Group with its emphasis on the suicidal patient's perspective, empathy, and clinical compassion for those who suffer through suicidal states.

It is hard to fully appreciate the measure of a man such as Terry in a few short sentences. But suffice it to say that we in the field of suicide prevention were blessed to have just such a man such make the seminal contributions that he made. He will be missed and loved by many who new him and long appreciated by others who only know the name. Truly the mold was broken with him; it is hard to imagine another to compare to the extraordinary person that we all lost this week...

David A. Jobes, Ph.D., ABPP

I want to echo what others have said about Dr. Maltsberger and the ripple effects of his scholarship and magnificent presence while on this earth.  I first heard Dr. Maltsberger speak in 2004 while attending the Aeschi Conference in Switzerland. I had worked in suicide prevention and crisis intervention for years and was returning to school for a graduate degree at Catholic University. I will always be appreciative to David Jobes for the invitation to Aeschi, because it changed my life forever. The opportunity to watch giants of Suicidology present to attendees hungry for new ways of approaching suicidal patients was a sentinel event for a naïve student like myself. The intimate Aeschi setting allowed for interruption of speakers and captivating discussion. I marveled at the hilariously funny, ribald yarns Dr. Maltsberger wove when he would comment, usually employing literary metaphor to convey some insight about the work he did with suicidal patients. I still think about his allusion to Rumpelstiltskin during one of these interludes. It’s the only thing I remember from the entire conference, to be honest, because the overall message conveyed humor, intellect, and deep empathy for the suicidal patient he was discussing. I learned to always pay attention to what he said whenever I was given the opportunity to see him speak. Not only were there nuggets of gold in his narrative, it was always done with humility and reverence for his patient. He embodied the Aeschi spirit and the kind of clinician I wanted to be. While I never really knew him, my life was deeply impacted by his presence and I am deeply saddened by this loss.


Melinda Moore, Ph.D.

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